Cancellation & Refund policy

DipDap laundry does not provide refunds in Cash and credit cards, it will provide store credits will be provided in case there is an issue with one (or many) items

Not upto your expectation and our quality standards (i.e. not serviced properly) Wear and tear of the item (Refer to the detailed policy of the damaged item in the section above) Missing item (Refer to the detailed policy of the Lost item in the section above)

Please not once you place a pick-up request on the app with Payment method as Credit card, DipDap laundry will authorize the credit card by blocking a small amount of 1$. This will be immediately refunded if you were to cancel the pick-up request anytime before the actual collection of the item were to be made.

Once your order has been handed over to DipDap, a client cannot cancel his request of service. In case he does, the user will not be paid any amount in cash. Its upto the discretion of DipDap laundry to decide on the store credit amount that is to be given to the customer. The store credit would be invoice amount after deducting the logistics and processing cost of this request.

Please note in case we havent started the cleaning process of your order, we will refund the entire amount in form of store credits after deducting 45 AED

Our Corporate Addresses

DipDap laundry
Mother touch laundry LLC
Al Barsha, Dubai
P.O. BOX 488076
United Arab Emirates


+971 58 592 7959